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Monday, October 13, 2008

mAn, BeAr, CaR oR LeGenD?

Mister Woppit..........

"…as you all know was the racing partner of the late great Donald Campbell. Mr Woppit was a British made car and boat racing teddy who broke eight world speed records in the 1950s and 60s. He remains the only teddy to set both land and water speed records in the same year (1964).

Mr Woppit survived the boat crash in which Campbell died in 1967 but was driven into hiding by the media frenzy that followed the tragic accident. Some say he has been spotted base jumping in the Himalayas and also surfing spots such as Jaws and Teahupoo but without photographic evidence I fear this is just an unsubstantiated rumour that die hard Woppit fans have fabricated to ease the hard truth of his inevitable demise. More likely are the rumours that he sank into a quagmire of drugs and prostitution searching for that elusive high that he had in his tiny furry hands as a young ted…

However his memory lives on again as his name and instinct for riding the edge of sanity have been taken on by a daring blogger from the jungles of South London.

Blending fact and fiction into a melange of wit and hilarity I give you Mr Woppit (and yes - it’s a present so you can’t give it back).

Strangely I went to school with this man so I can vouch for his ability to bear the mantle of such a tiny stuffed toy."
I wonder if Mr W can be persuaded to tell us some fascinating tales of his life....??
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misterwoppit said...

Coo! Ta, missus!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You don't know what's going on do you Mr Woppit? ..... join the club ....

SnOwY bEaR said...

erm?? who are you calling 'missus'
I am a boy bear.. tsk.. yes I know I am lacking in 'certain areas' tsk but ahem the moustache must give you a clue (but there again ok??)

So Mr Woppit do you have other tales to tell about your life?