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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Doll or Her or Raggedy......

I find myself sitting here at the computer after being plucked from the top of a wardrobe (dusty wardrobe, cough, cough.)

Before I was plonked here, I was subjected to all manner of stupid photographs. I am not looking my best at the moment and the last thing I wanted was to be bloody photographed, sheesh. You can even see my bloomers! What kind of respect am I being shown?

ly I have not been of any use for many a year now, although 'herself' has assured me that I am a much-loved memory. Yes memory, here I am in all my stuffed glory, yet I am referred to as a bloody memory.

'Herself' has always been quite ungrateful in appreciating me, but after seeing what happened to the others I consider myself quite lucky (insert shudder here).

My name is 'The Doll' or 'Her' or 'You' or if
she is feeling generous 'Raggedy', creative sod wasn't she. I was given to 'herself' on the day of her birth, so I have decided that is when I was born too. If you try and imply that I am older than nearly 27, then I will send a horde of Chuckie dolls after you, just saying. The uncle of 'Herself' bought me for her and I still haven't exacted my revenge on that fella for doing that to me.

Herself was never a lover of dolls and if you knew what she had done to her poor sister's dolls you would weep, weep I tell you. For some reason she has taken good c
are of me, although I still await a new pair of felt lips, I have only waited 20 years for them (HINT).

If I where her I wouldn't treat me so shabbily, especially now that I have this new outlet. Herself maybe should think about some of the things I have overheard, like the accident she had in church that time (it wasn't a wet your pants incident). Then again she does scare the crap out of me and although she says she is a reformed character, I don't think I should risk it!

Arggh she is coming! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
.............................post written by A Little Piece of Me


Busy Bear said...

She reminds me of someone...cheeky little lass...Irish, I think...or maybe from the Liverpool area?...I'm not sure. I think she needs hug.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Oh yes, and y'all complain about my dirty foot! At least I'm not dusty ;)

I like the bloomers :)

Claire said...

Remember this is written by a doll and they tell lies!

I am going to have to put her back on the wardrobe, I mean lovingly prepared doll house.

Jenn Thorson said...

Ah, the infamous Raggedy. Well, she may be dusty, and she may need something to go under her hospital gown, but she seems like she's hanging in there fairly well. A little bitter, perhaps. :)

Grumpy Ted said...

Dolls can never be trusted ......

Grumpy Ted said...

Hello Jenn ....... how's my arm looking BTW? I've only got one eye ...

Shinade said...

Well I certainly know who Grumpy is!!LOL!!

Okay this is going to take sometime to register in my brain.

Remember I am on large doses of Benydryl.

But hey I like bloomers too:-)