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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

tis the season to be .......

I have had a note from my Postie to say I have a parcel that he couldn't force through my letter box..... I wonder if it is Replacement Bear arriving early ..... [& I haven't had time to make up the spare bed yet...]

Love Christmas and all the trimmings .. in fact I wish it could be Christmas every day... I am sure us bears could sing this together

Ok maybe not Grumpy Ted ... ;-)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Replacement Bear

So, yeah...I'm Replacement Bear. Great name, huh?

That's 'cuz I was intended to be a replacement for another much loved teddy bear...(you can read the entire gruesome story here)...a stoooopid idea that failed miserably and not only left me looking like a idiot, but also resulted in my complete and total banishment from everyone's sight and mind for the next 40 years!

Not that I'm bearing a grudge mind you.

Here is the dastardly duo...I mean, my coulda-been-Cuddler and yep, you guessed it Dear Teddy's very own, Busy Bear.

Until a few weeks ago Little Ms. Coulda-Been hadn't laid eyes on me in four decades, so she was very surprised when she found me packed away amongst some of her really OLD STUFF. Thank goodness she did not toss me across the room again! No...she has actually become much nicer in her old age...and even let me sit on the shelf right next to Busy Bear (who was very nice and talked a LOT to me)...but still, somehow I just didn't feel like I belonged. But where is a 40-something year-old teddy bear with ZERO experience doing anything suppose to go?

Well, leave it to Busy Bear to come up with a GREAT idea ~ he spoke with SnOwy BeAr about my predicament and SNoWy invited me to come to England for Christmas! And after that, I hope to travel Souff to visit Grumpy Ted! And if I survive that, then who knows where I will go next!

I am so excited to finally have a special purpose in life! Now I am like The Official Dear Teddy Goodwill AmbassaBEAR, or something. Yahoo!

(And don't worry SnOwY...My psybearatrist says as long as I never have to endure being stuffed into a dark, cramped box again then my little "instability issues" will probably resolve themselves. WHAT? It's gonna take 2 weeks to get to England?....and I have to travel in...a...BOX?!?)